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Mfactor provides professional remote and onsite products and services in the Technology, Electronics and Communication industries to residential, commercial, governmental and industrial clients world wide.

From idea conception through implementation, training and support, Mfactor can handle all aspects of your T.E.C. needs. Combining multiple technologies to produce the results a client needs to succeed in today's competitive world is what Mfactor does best.

Mfactor has been in business for over 13 years. Add to that the experienced, educated and seasoned team members that make up the Mfactor team and you have a winning collaboration and recipe for success.

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Keyboard shortcuts can save you much time and headache. Quickly switch between open applications on your Windows computer by using your Alt + Tab keys. Here's how you do it. While holding down your "Alt" key tap on your "Tab" key to cycle through all of your open applications. Once the one you are interested in accessing is highlighted let go of your "Alt" key. How's that for a time saver? Other shortcuts include holding the "Alt" key and taping the "F4" key once to close out the prevalent window. Be careful with this one as you could shut down your computer if you hold down the "F4" key or keep hitting it over and over. Find a hefty list of keyboard shortcuts on our Links to Know page.
Keeping your computer secure is vital in the battle against Malware a.k.a. Malicious Software. Rightfully named "Patch Tuesday", Microsoft puts out automatic Windows updates on the second Tuesday of every month. It is very important to do the critical updates at a minimum and then reboot afterwards if needed. These updates will fix holes in your operating system that hackers try to exploit. You should also make sure your anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) and anti-spyware (Spybot) software have current definitions and that they are actively running at all times. Lastly make sure your firewall is turned on. These steps used together will help you with your defense in the battle against Malware.